Me in the Mad Hatter's Box

Alternative Portrait

based on the Mad Hatters Box in Hot Press Magazine

Dave "de Rave" Hegarty * Individual


Who would be the last person you would invite to your birthday party?
A fundamentalist of any sort.

Who would be the first person you would invite to your birthday party?
Emma (my firstborn daughter).

Favourite saying?
Nothing is so important that it ought to be taken seriously. (Oscar Wilde)

Favourite record?
Changes often, but the the Beatles' white album is always welcome.

Favourite book?
Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carrol, with illustrations by Tenniel).

Favourite film?
Almost Famous (Cameron Crowe, but I wish it had been my story!)

Favourite author?
Philip Pullman, whose "His Dark Materials" trilogy completely captivated me.

Favourite actor/actress?
Veit Müller / Birgit Backhaus / Kevin Spacey / Judi Dench

Favourite musician?
Harald Schwarz / Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine).

Most embarassing moment of your life?
Trying to think of the most embarassing moment of my life, and failing!

Favourite food/drink/stimulant?
Chocolate with huge percentages of cocoa/Milk-froth cappucino from freshly ground arabica coffee beans/The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd.

Favourite TV programme?
Pride & Prejudice.

Favourite TV personality?
Tony Soprano.

Favourite item of clothing?
The pair of black, high-ankle shoes I wear for special occasions.

Most desirable date?
Sabine, Emma and Sally for a pigout where table manners are not expected.

Favourite method of relaxation?
A bike ride deep into the local forest.

If you weren't pursuing your present career, what other might you have chosen?

Biggest thrill?
Emma's birth.

Biggest disappointment?
Discovering that not only do empty barrels make the most noise, but they also float to the top.

Your concept of heaven?
A hug-in with Sally, Emma and Sabine.

Your concept of hell?
Having to achieve important things with unreliable means.

Greatest ambition?
To be a dad my daughters can by comfortable with.

Period of history you'd most like to have lived in and why?
The late 1960s/early 70s, for the sheer optimism that everything could and would be better (see also "favourite film").

If you weren't a human being what animal would you have chosen to be?

If you were told that the world was ending tomorrow morning how would you react/what would you do?
Eat, drink and be merry.

Your nominee for the world's best dressed person?
Tom Waits.

Favourite term of abuse?

Biggest fear?

Humanity's most useful invention?

Humanity's most useless invention?
Pockets sewn closed to preserve the line of the clothing.

What would be your dying words?
What? Now?