Taking the Time

Taking Time

The only thing for which there is no substitution and no alternative is time. Using your time effectively is the bottom line.

The amount of time you have at your disposal is fixed and beyond your control. Many people complain about not having enough time, when in fact the problem is that they are trying to do too much in the time they have at their disposal.

General Tips for Managing the Things You Do

Set yourself realistic medium- and long-term goals to work towards. Make sure you have both personal and professional goals.

Personality Specific Time Traps

Personality determines a lot about how well we use our time. This result of this quick test gives a general indication of what things you can do to improve your use of the time you have. Each row below contains four characteristics.

  1. For each line across, rank the characteristics as they apply to you, using the numbers 1 to 4.
    Give the characteristic that describes you best a "1", the second best a "2", and so on.
    You should only use each number once on each line.
  2. When you have ranked the characteristics for each line, press the Tell Me button, then scroll down to get recommendations that should help you manage your tasks.
Egotistical Enthusiastic Passive Perfectionist
Direct Sociable Patient Exact
Daring Persuasive Loyal Logical
Authoritarian Impulsive Predictable Diplomatic
Demanding Emotional Team-player Systematic
Energetic Self-demanding Easy-going Conventional
Cerebral Popular Amicable Careful
Adventurous Influential Complacent Thorough
Determined Optimistic Good natured Careful
Persistent Cheerful Relaxed Accurate