Dave's Downshifting Deliberations

Your Money or Your Life

A Quick Quiz

What would increase your satisfaction with your life?

Give Each a Score
between 1 (negligible)
and 10 (very significant)

Having more time for family and friends...

Having more time for myself and my hobbies...

Reducing my stress levels...

Making a difference to the world around me...

Driving a nice(r) car...

Living in a bigger house or apartment...

Having more and nicer things around me...

What are your guiding principals? How do you try to live your life?
How does it seem to you most other people try to life theirs?

Tick all significant factors


Most Other People

By acting responsibly...

By spending time with family...

By spending time with friends...

By acting generously...

In accordance with religious beliefs...

By being successful in terms of career...

By ensuring financial security...

By increasing personal wealth and prosperity...

Which of the following things do you think are a good idea?

I intend to do this

I think this is a good idea

This is not a good idea

Use things longer before replacing them.

Spend more time doing things with family, friends and neighbours.
Even if it means having less time for shopping.

Spend less money and save more.

Reduce time spent watching television.

Drive less.

Spend less time working.
Even if it means earning less money.

Time isn't money. Time is much more than money.

On this side, make a list of the five things you most like doing, starting with your favourite:

On this side, make a list of the five things you spend the most of your time doing, starting with the thing you do most:

How well do the two sides compare?

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The only evaluation of your entries on this form is the evaluation you have already made to arrive at theses answers.
The intended result is that you should think a little harder about the quality and the quantity of your existence.


I have more ideason the lust for wealth and power that we are taught to aspire to.

More Practical

Downshifting means taking less for granted and making extra effort.
So here are some thoughts on the debate between what is necessaryand how much aggravation one is willing to put up with; on sensible spending; and on using time(because time isn't money, time is much more ...).

To Be Continued . . .
Please Excuse the Mess, but I'm still gathering my thoughts on these issues (and working out what exactly the issues are!).