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Love for Love (Acrobat Reader file, 419 KB)
My modernisation of the Congreve classic from the end of the 17th Century.

This was intended for production by the Tübingen Anglo-Irish Theatre Groupin February 2000. And maybe it will get that far some day... If it does ever get that far, I will add production notes and possibly even our own composers work on the songs!!!

Although I am delighted if you enjoy what I have done to this script, if you intend to stage a performance I would appreciate some compensation for the work I've done on it. You can contact me at dave@hegarty.de.

Ideas on Acting

Another one of those things that I keep meaning to get back to. I'm still accumulating and arranging my thoughts.

I'm also not trying to pretend that these are original ideas.
Much of this is based on what other people have (directly or indirectly) brought to me, or from books I have read.

What I hope I am adding is the filter of my personal experience. These are the things that I have found to be useful and relevant.

The end result is a copy of my notes(in Acrobat Reader format) that badly needs editing.

But before you go downloading all 262 KB, here is an indication of the contents: